We move at the speed of your campaign


High quality video content right when you need it.

Web videos

When shooting for the web you take the old school playbook and throw it out the window. You know longer have time constraints, you don’t have to play to an overly broad audience and you can get your message to thousands at a fraction of the cost of traditional television placement. With online video you can target your message and your spot to a particular demographic and deliver a specific message with measurable results. We have the experience from years of campaign experience to draft your message and place your content in the best location to reach your target audience.

 Broadcast Quality

Just because we deliver our services at a competitive price doesn’t mean quality has to suffer. Technology today allows for broadcast quality recording at rates unthinkable years ago and we bring that ability to you.

Live News Interviews

You no longer have to be that static photo on a broadcast from a telephone interview when you are unable to make it to a station for an interview. We work with a variety of news outlets to bring our clients the ability to remotely connect from anywhere and provide HD video interviews to news outlets.

Live Online Video Townhalls

With today’s technology we have the ability to interact with people in real time from just about anywhere. We have developed a system that will allow our customers to engage with constituents, stakeholders, customers or fans in a live video townhall environment.

Live Video Streams

Often you will come across conferences, meetings or events that you want to share in real time with your audience. We have worked extensively to develop an effective workflow that will allow you to deliver high definition video streams live to your audience from almost anywhere you are located. We will help you discover creative ways to engage with your audience in a live setting that will boost your followers and benefit your cause.

Round Table Discussions 

An innovative way to share your process for developing ideas, pushing legislation or reaching out to voters is to discuss it with colleagues in an open format. People enjoy getting a “behind the scenes” feel for what you are asking them to buy into. We put people around a table to share ideas and discuss topics that are relevant to their area or customers and share that with the world. You will be amazed at the interactions and questions that arise as people see these idea flushed out in public.

Taped Messages for Press Release

The written press release is reaching the end of its life. No longer to people just want to get static information on a page, that need to fill airtime or website content. Accompany your release with a broadcast quality video statement. A local news station and pull that statement straight from our servers and load it on their nightly broadcast. We have worked with numerous local and national news sources to provide periodic content for their sites on relevant events.